Here’s a range of genuine testimonials for coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy

Here’s a range of genuine testimonials for coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy

“I had lost direction and motivation in my professional and personal life; I no longer understood my strengths and how best to apply them to my everyday life. Audrey helped me to refocus on what I am good at and how to maximise my strengths and overcome obstacles that had been placed in front of me. Through reflection and visualisation I was able to realise what I could accomplish.”
— CJ, Edinburgh - Coaching with NLP
“My session with Audrey was excellent. I’d been feeling stuck in making headway in my career and couldn’t get to the bottom of what was really holding me back. Audrey and I discussed the various aspects of this through nicely weighted questions and enquiry and then she related back a summary providing me a clear unbiased and accurate reflection of myself. I wasn’t totally comfortable with all of the picture, so be prepared to feel a little unsettled! If, though, you are willing to look at the reflection she provides, it’s invaluable in helping you move forward. Now I feel focussed and clear about the road ahead. If you feel stuck, invest in yourself, go see her, look in that mirror she provides and clear your path!”
— AJ, Edinburgh. Face-to-face coaching for clarity. Thank you - it was a pleasure to get a good outcome quickly.
“I would recommend Audrey to anyone for both personal and career guidance. She will help you to find yourself and will provide simple methods that you can build upon to maintain your strength and focus.
I was in need of direction to allow me to refocus on my skillset and career direction. After discussing my options with several coaches I found Audrey. Over the phone I felt an instant connection/rapport and was at ease with her approach so we arranged to meet face-to-face... through Audrey’s coaching I was able to reassess aspects of my career and life.”
— Consultant Anon, Edinburgh - face-to-face coaching
“Audrey’s approach was fantastic in teaching me to improve myself. After only one session I was able to use the techniques she taught me. This helped me to think more clearly and deal with stress and anxiety with ease. In turn this helped me to make a decision on a career move and pass my driving test. Thank you Audrey - I will never forget the advice and techniques you taught me, particularly with regards to mindfulness, breathing and self-belief.”
— Deserved congratulations! Natalie, Edinburgh attended two coaching appointments with NLP
“A 5 star review - Thank you so much. Audrey was a massive help in encouraging me to stop smoking! Clearly you have to do most of the work but Audrey was the main contributing balance to make this happen - now free of cigarettes for 2 months now!”
— "Stay Edinburgh City" - 1 hypnosis/NLP appointment for significant cigarette use
Jill's elegant healthy hands a year later

Jill's elegant healthy hands a year later

“This delightful lady was embarrassed by her long-held habit of nail-biting and picking the surrounding skin badly. A few hypnotherapy appointments, quiet determination and a year later, she is still celebrating success. Well done, Jill - you nailed it!
— Jill, Edinburgh - hypnotherapy for nail-biting
...”Initially I did struggle with the visualisation you offered me, but for some reason it suddenly clicked. I became a lot better at both managing my time and making decisions. The piece of work was retyped and issued the next day. The other difficult piece is progressing well. The first draft is nearly complete ... I have a new piece of work that I am dealing with now. In the past I would have spent an age on it, however, yesterday I was able to quickly pick out the important parts and identify those that are not relevant...”
— Self-employed specialist Anon, Angus attended for two appointments of coaching with hypnotherapy.
“Hi Audrey - I wasn’t doing so well so I listened to your hypnosis recording a few times. I really tried hard after that and cut out bread, potatoes etc. I am over the moon as I lost 4.5 lbs last week and still good this week also!”
— Jean, Edinburgh - Hypnotherapy for weight-management
“I contacted Audrey after reading her online reviews and positive feedback. Unlike other coaches out there, her information was up-to-date, making the first contact decision a lot easier.

From the initial contact phone call to our sessions, Audrey always made me feel at ease. Her professional and honest approach helped me greatly. For years I have yo-yo’d with weight, making progress and then self-sabotaging myself back to the beginning. With her help, I have made sense of the reasons behind this frustrating cycle and now have the mindset to reflect, recognise and make changes, but most of all an appreciation of being honest with myself. Nobody can lose weight for you, you have to make the effort and the lifestyle choices to achieve what you want. Audrey will help you achieve this if you are honest with yourself, drop the enabling reasons you have for being over-weight and have a good look at the person in the mirror. I cannot thank her enough for opening my eyes to being me.”
— John, W. Lothian - Life coaching with NLP for weight-management. Deserved congratulations and thank you!
“Dear Audrey
Thank you for your note. I am still alcohol free - all going well.
(February 2018)
— Pressed by career demands and a busy life, "P" was worried by increasing alcohol consumption. "P" gave up after the first hypnotherapy/NLP appointment (June 2017). 4 appointments were attended in total. Many congratulations, P!
“I appreciate your help in 2017 and feel like a new person going into 2018. The reading list you provided has helped to keep me focussed.”
— Anon, Edinburgh - Coaching with Hypnotherapy and NLP activities for self-esteem and confidence
“I sought Audrey’s help ahead of a major promotion process for a senior role - having previously found NLP useful in interview and assessment situations. She worked with me over a couple of 2-hour sessions to help quiet my inner negative dialogue and build my confidence with positive reinforcement. We used a combination of NLP, hypnotherapy and coaching to get me into the right frame of mind and I’m delighted to say that I was successful.

Audrey is professional, focused and compassionate. She was able to help me get to the root of things quickly and to provide me with the tools and support I needed to meet my desired goal. I’m very grateful for her help and advice.”
— Congratulations! Dave Watson, Edinburgh - NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching in preparation for a significant interview and presentation
“Hi Audrey - Thank you - I used the hypnosis recording last night after yoga. I’ve not had any cigarettes since our session and I really don’t want them! Thanks again, Sylvia”
— Sylvia, Edinburgh - 1 session of Hypnotherapy with NLP for smoking cessation
“Sometimes life throws you curve balls, things that you would never dream would happen to you. In my case it was the breakdown of my 12-year marriage. It wasn’t a decision I had taken, nor did I see it coming, and in all honesty I was heartbroken and terrified. Terrified of what my future would hold, of being alone, that I wouldn’t find someone new and that I wasn’t good enough for anyone. My friends and family were always great but I still lacked objectivity. I found Audrey researching on Google - her credentials spoke for themselves so I booked a 2-hour hypnotherapy session to see how it fitted me.

Audrey sat me down and we basically just chatted. She asked me why I was there and how I was feeling. At times she would stop me to reinforce positive attributes/aspects. She gave me techniques for focusing my mind and triggering “happy memories” (NLP anchor). We ended with a 30 minute hypnosis session which was recorded on my phone to use at home. I found hypnotherapy very relaxing and may go back at some point.

I left feeling more confident about who I am as a person and that life is a blessing to be enjoyed. I’ve since booked trips to Thailand, New Zealand, a guys holiday to Ibiza - living life to the max! I’ve made positive improvements in my home life too.”
— David, Hypnotherapy with NLP for confidence and clarity
“After a relationship break-up I was feeling low in a way I had not experienced before. I had two hypnotherapy appointments and I’m now walking with my head high, full of confidence. Thanks Audrey - I feel great!”
— David, Hypnotherapy and NLP after a relationship break-up.
“I was recommended hypnotherapy to deal with my Night Terrors which I had had for the majority of my adult life. In the period prior to seeing Audrey they were almost a nightly event. I was sceptical that hypnotherapy would work but 5 sessions later I have gone almost a month without a Night Terror. I feel calmer and happier and more able to deal with any future stress. It was a lifesaver....I can’t recommend Audrey enough.”
— Sofie, Edinburgh. Hypnotherapy for Night Terrors sleep disorder. Happily consistent application by Sofie of the techniques learned means she continues to sleep peacefully! Well done Sofie.
“Throughout my adult life my weight has been an issue and it had risen to a level that I had to do something to get it under control. I had tried every diet you can think of and knew that for me losing weight was complex; more than just counting calories. That’s when I heard through a friend about Audrey and her methods to assist in addressing the issues in my life that contributed to comfort eating. From our first session I found Audrey to be excellent at putting me at ease, listening and identifying the areas in my life that needed attention. Through the use of hypnotherapy and NLP she gave me the confidence to confront, to deal with my anxieties and to help with weight-loss. So far I have lost nearly 3 stone with her help and understanding. She goes that extra mile for you and gets the results that you set out to achieve.”
— Christine, Dunfermline - Hypnotherapy and NLP for weight-management
“I heard about Audrey from a friend during a transitionary stage in my life where I felt uncertain about what paths to pursue and what paths to leave behind. Audrey was spectacular. She reaffirmed my confidence in my ability to make the right choices for myself and my future by asking all the right questions then giving me the space to discover the answers myself. You couldn’t ask for a more professional and caring lady to work with.”
— Yoga teacher and aspiring medical student, Glasgow - Face to face Life Coaching
“Audrey inspired my confidence from the outset. She is professional, practical, intelligent and compassionate and was able to facilitate the change in mindset and provide the tools I needed, to help meet a sports career and a personal objective. And beyond those more immediate objectives I am now also equipped with skills to help define a much clearer path for myself. Thank you Audrey.”
— Skype Coaching Client, London
“Audrey coached/guided me for 7 months along my path. She went above and beyond my expectations - a true professional who has become a great friend. I cannot recommend her enough. It was an invaluable tool and I got there!”
— In-person Coaching Client, Glasgow
“I found Audrey to be understanding, compassionate, reassuring and supportive. She is an excellent listener and is very perceptive. I was very sceptical about the benefits of life coaching before I started however I have found the whole process illuminating and extremely useful to me at this stage in my life. It has already helped me achieve some of my goals and I am now confident that I will reach my remaining goals. Life coaching has also given me strategies to use in the future if I find myself in a similar situation.”
— Phone Coaching Client, Leeds
“When I met Audrey I was emotionally and physically exhausted - not in a great place. Audrey helped me step by step find my way through the fog. I found I was helped to look at life differently, treat my mind and body with respect - the point was if I am not right, then I won’t get anything else right. I am someone who wants to take care of people and Audrey helped me see I had to take care of myself before I could help anyone else. I work from home and run my own business which is isolating; I enjoyed Audrey’s sessions and they made me feel less isolated. I began to plot a better course for myself. Audrey is gentle and kind but she is also determined. Her grace and understanding put you at ease and she is someone you don’t want to let down, this helped me keep going. I would highly recommend Audrey to anyone like me who had lost their way, in life, in work or socially.”
— In-person Coaching Client, Fife
“My circumstances had changed unexpectedly so coaching seemed a good idea. I found Audrey to be professional and sincere - she knows what she is doing. I found coaching thought-provoking and forward-thinking. It focused me on what is important, realistic and practical.”
— In-person Coaching Client, Glasgow
“My first and profound experience of Audrey’s gifts was whilst doing a short parts integration therapy – an exercise where one seeks to challenge two aspects of one’s personality or lifestyle that appear to be at odds with each other. We were in a workshop environment creating less than ideal circumstances for Audrey. I was first struck by the depth and speed of the trance, despite the environment and being one of these people that believes they don’t easily enter trance. Almost before I knew it I was oblivious to distraction, deeply relaxed and totally enveloped into the task. Audrey proceeded to ask questions and lead proceedings in such a way as to provoke the most astounding visualisations, the clarity of which overwhelmed me. Then towards the end, during an action involving moving the hands together, I felt a “real” magnetic force between my hands. The resulting integrated image that emerged was something both wonderfully positive and deeply appropriate object from my childhood – something I’ve not seen or thought of for some 35 years. Finishing up the exercise I was rendered emotional by both the profundity of the result and the level of skill I’d just witnessed. I so look forward to working with Audrey again and would recommend her thoroughly to anyone I can.”
— NLP with trance, Edinburgh
“I am a British ski instructor working in Morzine and Avoriaz. Unfortunately, at the start of the ski season conditions were very poor and I had a nasty ski accident, breaking several bones in my body and dislocating my shoulder. After spending nearly 7 weeks in a wheelchair, I am now up and about on crutches. Skiing at present seems a long way off. Today I have used Audrey to help me stay focused and to help with the healing and recovery process. As a sportswoman, I rely on my body and I need, if injured, to regain fitness as quickly as possible. I really enjoyed the hypnotherapy session and felt so relaxed and refreshed afterwards. Being totally immobile over these past weeks everything was hard work, even the simple day to day tasks. I realise now it’s also been extremely mentally exhausting. I would highly recommend Audrey. Now I hope to use the techniques I have been shown myself. Thanks so much!”
— Hypnotherapy for Injury Recovery in France
“During university, my weight spiralled and although I knew what I was supposed to be doing, I simply wasn’t doing it. I seriously needed to lose weight but couldn’t seem to find the focus needed for meaningful change. Even though I knew all of this was making me feel worse, I was drinking too much, making bad food purchases and I had completely lost sight of what a normal portion size was. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical as to whether Hypnotherapy would actually help but my sessions with Audrey have changed everything - I saw a difference from day one. I found the sessions relaxing, uplifting and motivating, and I left feeling incredibly positive each time. It’s not a quick fix by any means but it provided a framework and a focus that helped me to change my mindset around food and exercise and to make the changes I needed to make. Audrey is calm, supportive and hugely empathetic; being direct when she needs to be (in a way where you don’t even notice) but also recognising when a softer approach is better. She has a knack for getting you to recognise something about yourself without influencing the answer. Audrey helped me recognise why I overeat and helped me focus my energies elsewhere, giving me so many tools that I continue to use to keep myself on track. I have lost over a stone but the biggest change has been in my self-confidence. I am feeling so much better and now actually enjoy picking things out to wear. Instead of painstakingly trying to find something that would make me look slimmer than I was, I am wearing different types of clothes and am proud of my healthier, slimmer and more energetic body. I would absolutely recommend Audrey to anyone struggling with making a change, whatever it may be. I wish I had had these sessions earlier!”
— Imogen, Hypnotherapy for weight management