Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

What kind of Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an established complementary-health discipline that uses therapeutic techniques and the naturally occurring condition of trance to help with a range of medical and social conditions. You stay in control throughout.

To help you make wanted deep changes, Audrey works in partnership with you. She offers a combination of hypnosis with a selection of respected therapeutic approaches taken from all the main psychological schools, such as Rogerian, Gestalt cognitive-behavioural therapies, and analytical. Additionally, NLP techniques are incorporated giving clients the benefit of a wide range of methods.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Trance/hypnosis allows you to get in touch with your unconscious, helping you to identify the root of the problem or a better solution.  By looking to a changed and positive future, research shows you promote success by re-routing your brain's neural pathways!

Hypnotherapy can be used to address a wide variety of needs, particularly in regards to Health and Well-being, as a treatment on its own or combined with Life Coaching or NLP.  If through fatigue or loss of confidence your "get up and go has got up and gone" or your "va-va-voom more of a phut, phut, phut", we'll work together in the first instance to put you back in touch with your core essence and pulse.

Have a look at what clients have said about Hypnotherapy for its use in weight-management, sleep problems, pain management, low-self esteem and loss of confidence after relationships difficulties. Other successes include tackling over-drinking, gambling, low mood, stress, fears, injury recovery and more.

Working with Summit

Audrey offers an initial FREE phone consultation or to meet for a coffee in the West End of Edinburgh so you feel at ease when you start treatment. 

Audrey is a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Audrey is a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) and works to their professional standard, ensuring confidentiality, confidence, competence and safety. She holds the respected Post-Graduate Diploma (with distinction) in Hypnotherapy from the West of London University; a course promoted by the BSCH.

Also, find out more about Audrey, testimonials from our clients and our fees.

Examples of Hypnotherapy treatments

Habit-breaking / Sleep problems
Behaviours like smoking (one or two appointments), over-drinking, nail biting, insomnia (sleep hygiene, relaxation and self-hypnosis), Night Terrors, teeth-grinding/bruxism & many more can benefit from hypnotherapy.

Assertiveness Training / Confidence Building
A mix of Hypnotherapy and NLP activities, helping with self-esteem & confidence building. These enabling you to access a more powerful way of being quickly. Useful after relationship breakdown etc.

Sport Performance
Hypnotherapy can be used for coaching for sport achievements. Audrey has a particular knowledge of competitive horse riding and skiing & takes part in other sports.

Promoting Healing / Injury Rehabilitation or Illness Recovery
Research supports hypnotherapy for relaxation & guided imagery for a speedier recovery. It also offers techniques for pain control.

Weight Management
Hypnotherapy for weight loss is an enabling and constructive aid, addressing underlying issues & developing beneficial life-long habits to regain & maintain a healthy weight. Techniques include virtual gastric band if needed.

Stammering / Public Speaking / Interview Preparation
An approach to improve stammering through developing relaxation, desensitisation, confidence & assertiveness.  Preparation for presentations & interviews including Hypnotherapy to relax & build confidence plus NLP techniques to use on the day so you arrive at your best.  Audrey's speech & language therapy skills combines well with this work with proven outcomes.

Stress / Anxiety / Depression / Over-drinking
Hypnotherapy provides insight, relaxation techniques & healthy life-style management including help with over-drinking, anxiety, low mood & work-life balance tips. Testimonials show good outcomes.


“After a relationship break-up I was feeling low in a way I had not experienced before. I had two hypnotherapy appointments and I’m now walking with my head high, full of confidence. Thanks, Audrey - I feel great!”
— David, Hypnotherapy with NLP after a relationship break-up

 Important notes

In accordance with the BSCH, a case history and medical background is taken for all hypnotherapy clients to ensure suitability for therapy. The practitioner is not trained to work with those with severe asthma, epilepsy or a serious heart condition. If this applies to you, please contact the BSCH for a suitable medically qualified hypnotherapist. Research shows that those diagnosed on the autistic spectrum do not benefit from the treatment. If you are taking medication for depression, please mention this when making the appointment. Some treatments require your GP’s permission. Children from 7 years may be considered for hypnotherapy.  Please see a variety of Testimonials on the "About" page.