Working with Summit & Fees for Hypnotherapy, NLP & Life Coaching

A FREE introductory consultation is available before the first Hypnotherapy, NLP or Life Coaching session. This discussion explains about the process, checks its suitability for you, gives you an opportunity to ask questions and for us to start to get to know each other. We might have a chat on the phone, Skype, or, if feasible, meet for a coffee. Book your free introductory session now!

Appointments/sessions: Your first appointment is typically 1.5 - 2 hours long and subsequent ones 1 hour. The number of appointments required will depend on your individual needs.  As a rule of thumb, 1 appointment is needed for smoking cessation, 3 - 5 sessions for Hypnotherapy / NLP / weight management / stress / low mood / over-drinking / relationship issues; up to 10 for Life Coaching involving significant change.

Times: Audrey offers flexibility. Clinic appointments are usually available Mondays - Thursdays 9am - 7.30pm, Fridays and Saturdays 9am - 5pm. Phone/Skype/FaceTime coaching is available to suit, including before and after normal working hours and weekends.

Recordings/emails: Note that if useful Audrey will support you with emails between appointments to help keep you focussed.  Hypnotherapy appointments are generally in two parts:  "therapy" - a conversation section with coaching / NLP / counselling approaches followed by a "hypnosis" (trance) section.  If appropriate and your mobile allows (eg "Extras" App - Voice memo), your hypnosis section will be recorded for use at home.  NLP sessions are likely to include more than one activity per appointment. This represents fantastic value!   Audrey is motivated by getting results. :)

Where?  Clinic bookings for Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching are at Mulberry House Complementary Health Clinic in the West End of Edinburgh. 

Life Coaching is also available by phone/Skype/FaceTime (efficient on time/less expensive but limited to coaching activities).   

Occasionally sessions are carried out at the client's venue e.g. Hypnotherapy / NLP for sport's performance enhancement or business. 


Please note that these prices will be reviewed at the spring of 2019.

  • Clinic appointments for Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching - these are £60 an hour. Please budget up to £120 for a longer initial appointment (up to 2 hours).

  • Life Coaching by phone / Skype - the longer first appointment is £75 (1.5 hours); thereafter appointments are £50 (1 hour).  

  • Sport Performance enhancement (NLP / Hypnotherapy) - price to be discussed.

  • Coaching in the workplace /other - price to be discussed.

  • Note that Virtual Gastric Band for weight management techniques will be incorporated into the sessions if considered the most appropriate method.  There is no extra charge for this but please allow a minimum of 5 sessions for significant weight loss.

Note:  Students / low-income / paying in advance - please ask if a reduced fee is possible.


Practicalities - Important Notes / Terms and Conditions:

What's the best approach for you?  If you are unsure what is best for you, Audrey will help you decide.  

Payment:  Mulberry House Clinic appointments - these are paid by cash or credit card after the appointment at the reception. As a new client/patient you may be asked to register when you arrive. Audrey will take a case history for hypnotherapy clients. The clinic has a few steps up to it and typically treatment rooms are accessed down a flight of stairs.  Please advise of any problems with mobility/other so a suitable room can be arranged.

Phone / Skype / FaceTime Life Coaching or NLP and Hypnotherapy at your place of business/sport is required in advance of the session, please, by bank transfer to Summit Life Coaching Limited's account.

Cancellation:  There is no penalty if you cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the appointment time, however, the full amount is payable thereafter. To avoid mis-communication, please cancel by phone call only (075 548 54321), leaving a clear message if necessary, stating your full name, appointment date and time.

Appointment Times:  Adherence to appointment times is essential please.  

Successful outcomes:  The benefits of Life Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy are increasingly recognised. They are used and respected in a wide range of circumstances - life, business, health and others. Nonetheless, like a doctor's prescription, success cannot be guaranteed. The practitioner, Audrey, is sincere and has undertaken quality training in all disciplines and guarantees 100% effort in partnering with you. If it is felt that your needs would be better met by referral to another practitioner/profession, this will be discussed and the (verbal) contract brought to an end. You can bring the contract to an end at any time providing your payments are up-to-date.  As in any situation, success is most evident when clients are dedicated.

Minimum ages:  In line with ICF guidelines, coaching is available for those over 16 years. In line with BSCH guidelines, hypnotherapy will be considered for children from around 7 years. Parents should enquire in the first instance.

Copyright:  By entering into a contract (verbal or written) for Life Coaching, NLP or Hypnotherapy, you agree that you will not copy/replicate/give away any provided written materials or share your individualised hypnosis recordings.

Emotions:  At times, Life Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy can bring emotions to the surface. It is up to you to schedule appointments at an appropriate time. For example, it is not advisable to have your first session immediately before an important meeting/engagement.

Medical background:  In accordance with the BSCH, a case history with medical background is taken for all hypnotherapy clients to ensure suitability. The practitioner is not trained to work with those with sudden onset conditions eg severe asthma, epilepsy or a serious heart condition - if this applies please contact the BHSC for a suitable medically qualified hypnotherapist. Unfortunately, the techniques are unsuited to those diagnosed on the autistic spectrum as metaphorical and indirect language techniques may be misunderstood. If you are taking medication for depression, it is important to mention this as it may affect timing. Some treatments require your GP’s diagnoses e.g. panic attacks, headaches and permission prior to starting. The NHS stipulates that hypnosis is ill-advised for serious mental health concerns such as schizophrenia and psychosis.

Privacy:  (GDPR 2018).  Care of client's personal information and confidentiality is highly important as trust forms the basis of the client-coach/therapist relationship.  So here is a detailed explanation of what information is held and how it is used.  Client's personal data i.e. name/phone number/email and address is used for consultation, arranging appointments and occasionally billing.  Additionally, clients may be offered emails or texts to support their journey of change.  Typical support from Summit Life Coaching Limited with NLP and Hypnotherapy may be an email resume of an appointment content with link to a relevant Blog article on this site, other recommended reading, e-card for encouragement or similar.  

When Summit Life Coaching Limited with NLP and Hypnotherapy books a treatment room for a client at Mulberry House Body and Mind Centre/Complementary Health Clinic then the client's permission will be obtained to make the booking in his/her name with email address.  A name enables reference on arrival at the Clinic reception and an email address allows them to send an appointment reminder and to contact clients in the unlikely event of last-minute cancellation. Note that information about personal circumstances/conditions/treatment is NOT exchanged.   Summit Life Coaching Limited with NLP and Hypnotherapy cannot be held responsible for the Clinic's use or storage of personal data although it is understood that they too comply with General Data Protection Regulation (2018) and are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.  

In line with the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis's standards and ethics, prior to treatment, information about a client's physical and mental health are obtained including current medications.  This is to ensure there are no contra-indications for hypnosis.  In the event that hypnotherapy requires a GP's permission then this will be discussed with the client typically at the consultation stage.  Any client whose condition requires this but refuses is effectively declining hypnosis treatment.  Occasionally it is considered courteous to inform the GP of a client's decision to seek support but permission to do this will be obtained from the client before doing so.  When contacting the GP, Summit Life Coaching Limited with NLP and Hypnotherapy will include the client's name, home address, date of birth and reason for hypnotherapy. 

In line with the International Coaching Federation's Life-coaching training, a holistic approach is taken.  By giving a brief resume on aspects of career/work, money, relationships, health/fitness, emotional well-being, personal growth, leisure activities, and family the client begins to gain insight and the coach gets to know the client.  It informs the goal setting process also.  This information is held in confidence. 

If a sponsor is paying eg an employer or parent, discussion will take place as to the boundaries of confidentiality i.e. what will or will not be disclosed to the sponsor.  This discussion will take place beforehand so everyone has understanding.  This will also apply when two clients share an appointment.  The aim is to be sensitive and balanced.  

Note that there are rare occasions when the law requires all similar professions to disclose. Specifically,  if the client looks to be at a real risk of harming him/herself or harming someone else and if terrorism is suspected.  

If a client wishes to write a testimonial, they can choose what name they wish to be known by, eg a first name with town/area of residence/occupation, full name or "Anon".  Pseudo-names are not used and all postings are from legitimate clients.  Reviews posted elsewhere eg Google Business Page are not under Summit Life Coaching Limited with NLP and Hypnotherapy's control. 

All case notes and email communication are lock and password protected.  Clients' notes will be shredded, texts and emails deleted within a year of their last appointment unless otherwise agreed.  Clients have the right to see their notes and to take their concerns to the Information Commissioner's Office if they are concerned about the way their data has been handled.  

Any concerns about privacy or any other matter should be addressed to audrey@summitlifecoaching.co.uk in the first instance - the aim is, however, to have happy, satisfied clients!

Thank you for reading this in preparation for your journey of change!