"Laughter is the best medicine..."

In the last week laughter has caught my attention - I read about laughter helping the recovery of a stroke victim, attended a neuro-expert's coaching webinar who described laughter as "nutrition for the brain", and had a minute's raucous laughter at my yoga class.  If you need a pick-me-up it's an easy thing to do - and free...just throw away your inhibitions, think of something funny and away you go!  The benefits are significant.  It's even better done with someone else!


  • It makes you attractive.

  • It changes your mood.

  • It is contagious.

  • It relieves stress.

  • It boosts your immune system.

  • It lowers your blood pressure.

  • It releases endorphins, natural pain killers and serotonin - a natural antidepressant.

  • It lifts the face and makes you look younger.

  • It makes you seem successful.

  • It helps you stay positive.

If you have been through a tricky patch and laughter is missing, why not consider some coaching, NLP or Hypnotherapy for some additional ideas to help get you back to your positive self?  Appointments are available in the lovely Mulberry House Complementary Health Clinic setting or by Skype/Facetime or phone.  Just contact Audrey by email audrey@summitlifecoaching.co.uk or dial 075 548 54321.

Using the mind to promote healing

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Recently a friend injured himself running so, keen to help, I encouraged him to use visualisation techniques to promote a speedy recovery.

Here is a link to the Association for Applied Sports Psychology (USA) on using imagery for injury rehabilitation that's worth a read. It gives information and instruction on how to use this technique. In case you are curious here are some links to research by R. Maddison (2011) and Shackell and Standing (2007) showing how it may help strength and injury recovery.

Hypnosis will help you with guided imagery/visualisation and deep relaxation which I offer in clinic sessions. If you are not in the Edinburgh area to visit Mulberry House I can talk you through how to enhance your visualisation/imagery technique by phone or Skype!

Sometimes unwanted change is forced upon us...

Karen Darke - The Women's time trial H1-3 gold medal champion at the Rio Paralympics.

Karen Darke - The Women's time trial H1-3 gold medal champion at the Rio Paralympics.

As the Paralympic ceremony brings the games to a close we can only be in awe of these amazing dedicated athletes.  Karen is one of them, having been paralysed from the chest down in a climbing accident she has gone on to do more than most of us would dream about like pushing herself along on skis with arms and hand-poles over Greenland, climbing El Capitan and more.  An extraordinary exemplar showing perseverance, resilience, determination, future focus strength of mind and body (and more).  Having met her when she launched her book "If you Fall...It's a New Beginning" I am delighted to see her further success.  She's someone to keep in mind the next time an unwanted change comes our way.