Mindfulness: a gentle way of improving our well-being.

A valuable idea and pleasing read

A valuable idea and pleasing read

As the leaves begin to change their colours it's a wonderful time to get out and about, even if only for a "wee walk".  It pays dividends for our emotional and physical well-being to do this, and all the more so if "mindfulness" is incorporated.  I often encourage my coaching and hypnotherapy clients to practise it at opportune times such as when eating or getting a glass of water.

Adam Ford's book (photo) has written about what to do and he describes his personal walks at home and abroad.  As an Anglican priest who has studied Indian religions, there's a brief and balanced mention of different thinking, philosophy, travel and humour which he brings together into a lovely read.  My thanks to my friend for gifting it to me :)

If you are looking for greater calm,  I teach hypnosis for relaxation (personalised for you and recorded) and introduce you to mindfulness too.   Appointments are in the friendly setting of Mulberry House Mind and Body Centre, West End, Edinburgh.  Please get in touch with me to book your appointment or to arrange a chat to find out more (free).  My contact details are:  audrey@summitlifecoaching.co.uk  and 075 548 54321.   

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Reference and more...

The Art of Mindful Walking - Meditations on the Path (2011) Adam Ford Leaping Hare Press ISBN 978 1 78240 598 6

A similar absorbing read, "The Living Mountain" is a beautifully written little gem about walking in the Cairngorms:     

The Living Mountain (1977) Nan Shepherd Canongate Books ISBN 978 0 85786 183 2

The Oxford Mindfulness Centre provides neuro-science and latest research:


The Headspace App is identifiable by a white square with orange circle within it. Good graphics and put together by a trained monk. (10 free mini meditations then a few £s each month.)


www.WildGeeseZen.org offers gentle Zen Buddhist Mindfulness group practice in Edinburgh (City Centre and Leith) based on the teachings of  Thich Nhat Hahn, Vietnamese monk from Plum Village, France.


Stu Lee provides massage at Mulberry House clinic with particularly tense clients and includes meditation and breathing work.

Ruth Johnson is an integrative cognitive behaviour therapist/mental health nurse also working at Mulberry House clinic.  She has a certificate in mindfulness.