Some Holiday and Self-Help Book Suggestions

Packing for a dream holiday - don't forget a good read!

Packing for a dream holiday - don't forget a good read!

Your shorts and sunglasses are packed, you've checked your booking and your passport's in your all you need to choose is a little holiday reading!  I've given some regular book recommendations in the last paragraph here, but you may also be looking for (or know someone looking) for a self-help reader.  I read this type of book routinely so I can make recommendations which support positive change as part of my coaching and hypnotherapy approach.  Below are three of my picks; whilst the subjects are far from light, the books themselves are straight-forward and well-written.  The first is about actions to take to overcome depression; the second supports reducing alcohol consumption; and the third is about how looking at your past relatives' circumstances and your own may be the key to ending inherited negative family cycles of behaviour.

"KEYS TO UNLOCKING DEPRESSION: An Internationally Known Depression Expert Tells You What You Need to Know to Overcome Depression"  (2016)  by Michael D Yapko PhD

This is written in a direct simple style by a world-renowned expert clinical psychotherapist and hypnotherapist.  He cuts the subject down into 50 statements and encourages action.  It is an inexpensive short read that's really worth it.

Summit's treatment approach to improved well-being:  One of Yapko's recommendations is to use hypnosis, so I'll teach you self-hypnosis, help keep you focused on improving your well-being, and ensure you know what this expert recommends.

"MINDFUL DRINKING: How Cutting Down Can Change Your Life"  (2017) by Rosamund Dean

This is for people who are looking for a framework for reducing their alcohol intake.  The author talks from personal experience, provides clear information and a considered approach.  If you believe your life to be dictated by alchohol, however, this book is unlikely to go far enough although any reduction in your alcohol consumption will help your health.

Summit's treatment approach to alcohol over-use:  "hypnosis" plus non-judgmental "therapy" which will be based on your desire to moderate consumption or abstain.  Dean recommends hypnosis as an aid but she is critical that her therapist did not include "a plan" - I do!  If abstaining, I can align the approach with elements of the AA's step programme as per my International Coaching Federation's training.

"IT DIDN'T START WITH YOU - How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are And How To End The Cycle"  (2017)  by Mark Wolynn

"If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors.  All of them are alive in this moment.  Each is present in your body.  You are the continuation of each of these people."  -Thich Nhat Hanh,  A Lifetime of Peace  (Zen Master and spiritual leader)

This quote sums up the basis of this fascinating work and may be of particular interest to those who have had treatment for a concern but feel they have not got to the bottom of it. Wolynn is an eminent American family psychologist who works with persistent symptoms and conditions.  He gives compelling scientific background information explaining how it is possible to carry forward traumatic experiences from 3 generations.  Language, epigenetic, memories and behaviours all play a part.  These can result in negative family patterns being perpetuated, and consequently, why it may be relevant to consider if resolve can be gained by looking at past relatives' lives.  The second half of this book provides a straight-forward prescriptive guide including questions to ask yourself.  Although names have been changed he gives examples from case studies and the results seem to be life-changing healing.  It is not essential, but it will help if you know or can find out about your parents' families and your early years.  It is an approach that includes visualisation and explains the need to develop new neural pathways for changed behaviour and better health.

Summit's treatment approach will be tailored to the individual's concerns and needs, for example, chronic pain, anxiety or phobia.  Research shows that coaching and hypnosis open up new neural pathways enabling easier behaviour change.  Hypnosis includes use of visualisation/imagery and apart from teaching self-hypnosis, I provide personalised recordings and can introduce mindfulness and meditation if wanted.  I do not currently include Wolynn's intergenerational approach in my work but watch this space...

And for that more regular holiday reading, I see that Phillip Pullman recommends Rupert Thomson's "Never Anyone But You", Sebastian Faulks "The Incurable Romantic" by Frank Tallis and Olivia Laing  "The Stopping Places:  A Journey Through Gypsy Britain" (A Radio 4 Book of the Week) by Damian Le Bas.  My personal recommendation is a travel adventure book by Levison Wood, "Walking the Americas" (Mexico to Panama). Whilst at times the writing could have been a little better I ripped through it.  Incidentally, if you have any book recommendations, please get in touch by email:  and I will post them on Summit's blog and Facebook page either anonymously or with your name as preferred.  Enjoy the summer!


MORE INFORMATION: Books will be available through your local bookstore - here are links or reviews of all the above books in order of mention.