Fearful of flying?... Hypnotherapy and NLP might be just the thing.

Flying into the sunset can become manageable.

Flying into the sunset can become manageable.

With the peak holiday season fast approaching many of us will have booked exciting trips to faraway countries for a bit of sunshine and relaxation.  Sometimes, however, people's anxiety of leaving terra firma gets in their way so UK holidays hold greater appeal, travelling by car or train even if the distances are long.  This can be restrictive or cause discord if some members of the party have a desire for a taste of cultures and countries too far to reach by road or rail quickly. Statistics about how safe flying has become is rarely enough to persuade someone who is fearful of the whole flight experience to go.   Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming are considered useful techniques to deal with these concerns as the experience is rehearsed and stresses dealt with, usually in an incremental way, within the safety of the clinic before the trip. The anxiety cycle is broken by first identifying the negative behaviours, thoughts and feelings then replacing them with new ways of coping. 

Over and above hypnosis and NLP here are a few therapy techniques that can be used to help keep those nerves under control:  

  • Just smiling produces positive neurochemicals so "faking" enjoyment will help!  :)
  • Down-load music or a film in advance - listening through ear-phones to some soothing tunes or a well-chosen humorous programme will act as a pleasing relaxing distraction.  Laughter is a good way of releasing tension.
  • Whilst the safety instructions are meant to reduce our fears, in reality they may heighten anxiety even if instructions are rarely issued.  Those who listen and know what to do, however,  make themselves safer so pay attention to the aircrew's instructions.  
  • Introduce a rhythmical breathing technique at the first sign of tension arising.  One such as breathing in through the mouth for a count of 2 or 3, releasing the breath through the nose over a count of 4 or 6 will help.  Giving the neck and shoulders a wriggle and keeping the shoulders down will help ensure the breath is full as the lungs reach from the diaphragm up to the collar bones.  Practise this a good few times in front of a mirror beforehand so this technique comes easily.
  • Add a calming silent mantra to your breathing and repeat it, such as: 

 "Breathing-in fresh air;  breathing-out, smile.  Breathing-in calm; breathing-out smile. Breathing-in equilibrium; breathing-out smile. Breathing inner peace; breathing-out smile."  

If your travel is restricted in this way, open up your horizons by getting in touch today with Audrey for Hypnotherapy and NLP.   Fees/T&Cs are on the ABOUT page of www.summitlifecoaching.co.uk  A free consultation can be arranged by phoning 075 548 54321 or emailing audrey@summitlifecoaching.co.uk  Appointments are in the delightful Mulberry House Mind & Body Health Centre in the West End of Edinburgh, a few minutes walk from Haymarket Station.

And like any wise traveller, remember to get yourself ready in other ways such as checking your passport is up-to-date, buying some local currency and a guide book with cultural tips and arranging any required visa or vaccinations in good time.  Incidentally, a concern of injections can be helped in the same way as flying and "Knowasyougo" is a useful interactive travel App set up by Dr Fiona Taylor.  Rebecca Coles at "Allbutessentialtravel" provides advice if your interest is adventure off the beaten path.  Bon voyage!