To succeed in life you need three things ...

When I help clients make positive change, certain recurring features become evident.  In the first place,  the person approaches me because they have a desire to do something different or fulfil an ambition.  It might be to change a habit for better health, to start up their own business or fulfil a sports objective.  The clients are unique mostly with differing aims but they all share a wish to do something and they are keen to make a success of it.


As the process continues,  I guide, support and motivate through coaching or use hypnosis to engage their own unconscious mind's support to help them reach their desired outcome.  In doing this, I garner the client's own strengths to achieve.  This ultimately involves them applying their own backbone as I can assist (hopefully significantly) but it is they who take the steps that get them to the finishing line!


And along the journey of success, it is true to say that some clients experience a frustration or two.   This is when I encourage them to take the rough with the smooth, to persevere, to show resilience so as not to get down about things so they stay on course. Additionally, I encourage them to connect with their sense of humour as a way of handling stress.  Sadly, with the stresses and strains of everyday life we are prone to forget about our playful, humorous side but smiling and laughing generate helpful neurotransmitters and release tension.  It is amazing what seeing the funny side of things can do to shift our perspective, to re-set us into a more positive “can-do” mind-set which serves to motivate us to find a solution.  Indeed, if you saw the film,  "Eddie the Eagle” (2016) and his journey to the 1988 Olympics as the lone British ski-jumper, you would have identified with just how much a “can-do” attitude plays a part in success - and you would, no doubt, have had a good laugh too!

So all in all, I think Reba McEntire’s quote goes a long way to succinctly sum it up… “To succeed in life, you need three things:  a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone!"


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