"The steeper the mountain, the harder the climb, the better the view from the finishing line."

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This anonymous quote caught my attention as it encapsulated two things which are part of my clinical practice - helping people reach their ambitions (usually with Life Coaching) and to over-come their fears (usually with a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP and when called for my speech and language therapy knowledge).  This photo shows me succeed in a significant ski-touring adventure and, as part of that, control a fear of heights.   I was with younger friends - Rebecca Coles and Simon Verspeak, both of whom are experienced mountaineers - and I joined them one weekend on the popular ascent of the Italian mountain, Gran Paradiso (4061m) in 2013.  We split the ascent with an overnight stay in a lovely refuge then got under way early morning to reach the summit before a long ski down. Curiously, the mountain summit has a statue of The Madonna which is accessed along a narrow ledge with sheer drop on one side but I trusted Rebecca's lead and everything went to plan.  That said, my friends may not have known that in days gone by I found it hard to climb a ladder to change a light bulb yet alone something like that! However, my ambition to do more than ski in resorts and my passion for the mountains took me there and my heightened awareness of the day means I can reflect on the moment I put my fear behind me and composed myself before making my way along the ledge to the summit.  My skilled friends and their encouragement had made it possible. No prizes for guessing why I called my company Summit.

So do you have your own ambition or a fear that disrupts your sense of well-being?   My Life-Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP skills combine to address both and I will act as my friends did to guide and motivate you along whichever journey you want to take.   My knowledge from working as a speech and language therapist combines to support those wishing to overcome public speaking concerns or prepare for that important interview and you can see that I am an enthusiastic sportswoman.  Perhaps yours is a career ambition or a physical fear like climbing a ladder?  Perhaps it is a social anxiety or business situation like making a presentation?  Perhaps air-travel is a concern?  Whatever it is, I would be delighted to help you address the issue and look forward to you getting in touch.  My email is audrey@summitlifecoaching.co.uk and my phone number is 075 548 54321.

Photo by Simon Verspeak  - mountaineer/leader and mountain rescue  


I was roped-up to Rebecca Coles - mountaineer/leader and travel writer